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7 Fatal Mistakes Sellers and Buyer Make

that cause them pain and cost them thousand of dollars

7 Fatal Mistakes Sellers Make That Cause Them Pain And Cost Them Thousands of Dollars

  • Paying exorbitant commissions, fees, and closing costs
  • Relying on the same antiquated, one size fits all approach
  • Wasting money on unnecessary repairs or updates
  • Failure to effectively market the property
  • Overpricing the house – All the marketing in the world won’t sell an overpriced house. Overpricing a house will cause damaging effects that are hard to recover from.
  • Number of showings
  • Assuming you must hire an agent

7 Fatal Mistakes Buyers Make that Cause Them Pain And Money

  • Not doing their research
  • Renting indefinitely
  • Not understanding their options
  • Being careless with credit
  • Listening to the opinions of others – Ignore the naysayers and seek out solutions that would ultimately benefit you and your family.
  • Not setting aside enough money for a downpayment
  • Not taking action

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